Meridian pen, acupressure pen, stainless steel


Meridian pen / acupressure pen

Total length: 170 mm

Ball Ø 2.5 mm and Ø 5.0 mm

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Meridian pins, for meridian balancing and acupressure, heat conductive with a total length of 170 mm.

Octagonal handle

Ball diameter 2,5 mm above and 5 mm below (see picture)

stainless steel

- Small and large ball: 2 balls with different diameters are available for precise massage.
Depending on which area of the body is treated can be varied

- Durable and hygienic: made of stainless steel resistant to acid. Surface of the acupressure stick can be cleaned,
disinfected and is insensitive to contact with scar oil

- Ideal for scar care: scars after surgery or accidents hinder the flow of energy in the body, scar sticks are a useful
Tool for scar treatment at home or during physiotherapy.