Haushaltsschere "Standard"

Household scissors "Standard", classic model 16 cm, microserrated


Total length = 160 mm

with micro serration

one cutting edge rounded & one cutting edge pointed

stainless steel

can be cleaned in the dishwasher at any time

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Scissors should not be missing in any household. These household scissors made of stainless steel is suitable for a variety of purposes such as cutting papers, fabrics, foils and more.

With these household scissors you cut even complicated cuts, clean and precise.

The micro serration ensures that you get a particularly fine and straight cutting edge. Thus, when cutting, as few threads as possible are pulled and fringes are caused. This is particularly helpful when working with fine and light fabrics, for example organza, chiffon or tulle.
The micro-serration keeps the scissors sharp longer and precise cutting is possible.

The scissors can be resharpened and the micro serration renewed at any time.