Sandblattfeile "PROFI" Körnung - 180/240

Sand blade file "PROFI" ergonomic design, grit 180/240


Ergonomic nail file grit 180/240

with stearate finish,
2-sided; one coarse and one fine side,
Grain size: 180/240,
Dimensions: 180 x 18.5 mm

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Filing papers for sensitive filing feeling with stearate finish, calcium - or zinc stearates.

The stearates in powder form provide reduced abrasion, which allows the filing grain to glide a little more over the nail.

The pleasant touch effect of the surface, gentle work, low wear, high durability and pleasant file acoustics distinguish this file.

- due to the ergonomic shape speedy and accurate filing

- the 180/240 grit is particularly suitable for shortening and filing nails

- thin and fine nails are sealed by the stearates

- clean sealing of the nail edges

- Durable and reusable several times