Zeckenpinzette "mit Lupe"
Zeckenpinzette "mit Lupe" Detailansicht
Zeckenpinzette "mit Lupe"
Zeckenpinzette "mit Lupe" Detailansicht

Tick tweezers "curved with magnifying glass

  • curved
  • made of stainless steel with real glass magnifying glass
  • adjustable
  • L = 120 mm
  • can be disinfected
  • finished by hand in Tuttlingen
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Tick tweezers with curved fine tip and real glass magnifying glass


Hardened stainless steel. Durable and hygienic.

Smooth and sturdy handle.

Elegant design, matt brushed, anti-glare surface

Precise and safe removal of ticks is guaranteed.
The adjustable magnifying glass provides a clear view of the affected area. Particularly suitable for removing ticks from third parties.

Ideal for removing deep-seated or torn off ticks or small insects.

Due to the fine and strongly curved tip, these precision tweezers can be used in different areas. (e.g.: jeweler, electronics, model making)

Our tick tweezers are a reliable tool for the health care of animals and humans!

Tip for removing ticks:

Grasp the ticks carefully with the tip of the tweezers at the tick head to pull them out slowly.

Then treat the bite site with disinfectant.

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